04/2018: Together with Stef Kors, I created Publish or Perish!, a weird Desktop Publishing tool develop under the PublishingLab for FotoColectania.

12/2017: Niels Vrijdag and I designed and developed three publications that are part of the HP Research Awards series for the Willem de Kooning Academy. In this text, I explain the process.

11/2016: I produced a commissioned work for Unfold #4, guest-curated by Alessandro Ludovico. The work is entitled Unpacking My Library.

07/2016: I designed a hybrid leaflet for the PublishingLab.

06/2016: Danilo di Cuia, Alessio D’ellena and I created The Post-Anthropocene Selfie Maker, a site-specific mobile app for the exhibition The museum is a school. A school is a battleground by Parasite 2.0 at MAXXI, Rome.

07/2016: I designed, together with Michele Galluzzo, Giulia Ciliberto, and Elisa Pasqual, the visual identity for Fare Ricerca In Design, a forum on design research.

12/2015: Alessio D’Ellena and I were asked to think of a documentation of Super-Scarcity, event curated by Parasite 2.0. We decided to set a defining constraint that may sound obsolete: the documentation needed to be smaller than the size of a floppy disk (1.44mb).