Shouldn’t you be working? stickers at Internet Yami-Ichi Barcelona


At the next Internet Yami-Ichi, taking place in Barcelona on October 22, I’m going to sell Shouldn’t you be working? stickers.

“Shouldn’t you be working?” is the text that StayFocusd, a browser plugin with more than 600,000 users, prompts when your allotted time on social media and other procrastination sites is over.

But why keeping lazy-shaming only on screen?

With the Shouldn’t you be working? sticker, work anxiety will always stick around.


The stickers come in three sizes:

  • 15″ sticker (3,00€)
  • 8″ sticker (1,00€)
  • 5″ sticker (0,80€)

I’m curious to see where the stickers will be placed, so if you buy one and you feel like, send a picture to s [at] silviolorusso [dot] com. Here’s an example (yes, stickers come also in white).


Thanks to the Makers Lab of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam for the help.

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