851px x 315px – A Facebook Cover Performance Direct URL

851px x 315px took place between September 12th, 2012 and November 1st, 2012. Here you can see the collection of images.

The perfomance consisted in collecting a series of images that accidentally fit exactly the dimensions of the Facebook cover (851px x 315px) by looking at a period of time prior to the advent of the Facebook timeline. The images were uploaded day by day.

The motivations behind 851px x 315px were, in first place, to highlight the boundaries that the inteface of Facebook imposes to users, the way in which personal expression is standardized like in advertising banners. Additionally it represented a way to reflect upon the construction of identity that takes place on dominant social media, through a rejection of any personal expression which is substituted by a set of rules (in this case picture dimensions and time span).

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Selected Works

A Here Implies a There Direct URL

A site-specific, online map showing every unsuccessful attempt to access www.localnonaccess.de in chronological order.

WINAMP SKINPARTY Made with Adriano Vulpio Direct URL

A mashup of Winamp skins on the occasion of its 15th birthday.

Quest Direct URL

A web gallery that including a collection of 19 stock images of a single person standing at a crossroad.

Human/Machine Direct URL

A collective performance on the relationship between human and machine and its paradoxes.

Blank On Demand Made with Giulia Ciliberto

2 blank volumes produced through Lulu.com, whose formats correspond to the max and min sizes available, same goes with page amount and price.

We are human beings!

A poster of the founding manifesto of the Free Speech Movement employing CAPTCHAs.

Marks and Bleeds

70x100cm poster obtained applying all Adobe Illustrator’s marks and bleeds to a 5x35cm picture 28 times recursively.

Flatland Direct URL

The novel Flatland embedded in an isometric environment, with its pages flipping endlessly.

Il Like Made with Adriano Vulpio

A short phenomenological breviary on the Facebook Like (Italian only)

Tab Patterns Direct URL

An ongoing series of patterns constituted by the tabs of Chrome browser.

Tab Alphabet Direct URL

A tab alphabet made of 26 out of the 1000 most-visited sites on the web according to Google.

Unlike Us Commissioned by Institute of Network Cultures Made with Giulia Ciliberto

Identity of Unlike Us: a series of conferences around social media monopolies and their alternatives.


An Inkscape “lorem ipsum” plugin for learning while practicing. Mipsum generates place-holder text randomly taken from the FLOSS Manual for Inkscape.

A Man of Many Parts

A booklet in which each part of an SVG clipart becomes the constituting element of a pattern.

Futuroscopio Commissioned by Senato degli Studenti of University IUAV of Venice

A one issue's magazine and blog designed collectively by students of the main italian faculties of arts and design.

Against Communication Made with Alberto Olcese

A typographic interpretation of Mario Perniola’s “Against Communication”.