Art Work Forensic: Who Does What?

Course, with Sandberg Institute, 2020

Image: Felipe Minutti

Nobody works alone, we know that. Yes, nobody’s work exists in a vacuum. But how to speak of the working relationships embedded in the projects we start or participate in? Framing them as collaborations might not be enough. During this seminar we will look at works of art and design as manifestations of crystallized labor: material concoctions of living labor, dead labor and fixed capital. Commodities, if you will. We will ask ourselves: who is behind the art and design work we make and experience? Who manages it and who’s managed by it? Whose labor is eventually made visible? What parts of such labor are essential? What are its unacknowledged interdependencies? We will employ this type of “art work forensic” as a method to design systems of accreditation, trace contemporary geographies of accountability and highlight broader constellations of authorship.