with Sebastian Schmieg, Exhibition, Installation, Website, 2018

Say no to curators’ gatekeeping, forget about the intermediation of the art market, gain direct access to the prestige of the art world: lets you show your work in a professional gallery in Switzerland by renting a portion of its exhibition space during a 2-week show. 200cm2 of exhibition surface can be rented for as little as €1/day.

Browse from the comfort of your home, where a live feed of the exhibition space will welcome you. Once you have selected and rented a section of the space, you will be able to upload your art in the form of picture, text, or video. Your art will then be seamlessly projected onto the gallery wall. It’s that easy. However, make sure to visit the website regularly: the work of other artists might have been placed on top of yours. If this is the case, then don’t worry: just login to the website to make your work fully visible again. turns crisis into opportunity: when Roehrs & Boetsch realized there was a hiatus between shows, they turned to Silvio Lorusso & Sebastian Schmieg. The two artists then created this service to turn an opportunity for the few into an abundance of opportunities for the many.