The Identity of the Food Product

Identity, Photography, Website, 2011

The Identity of the Food Product is my MA Graduation project, IUAV University of Venice, Visual and Multimedia Communications. Supervisor: Giovanni Anceschi, Co-supervisor: Carlo Vinti

Molino artigianale Dibenedetto is a small family-run mill, located in Altamura (Puglia). Its structure and its manufacturing process remained nearly unchanged since the foundation, which dates back to the ’50s. The company is involved in current productions as organic food and it’s linked to associations that promote the cultural dimension of food (Slow Food).

The communication design for such a company represents the opportunity to propose a model with features like actuality, awareness and territoriality. Therefore it’s possible to involve not only and mainly the classic artefacts of food (packaging, advertising), but the use of new media (website, social network) may allow an effective dialogue with the consumer and ensure that contents have a concrete and instructive value.

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