The Internet for Left-Handers©

Browser Plugin, Website, 2012

The Internet for Left-Handers©, Silvio Lorusso, 2012

The Internet for Left-Handers© is a Chrome plugin that makes the Internet left-friendly.

«Finally, dignity is restored to those with the side of their hands smeared with pencil and ink from dragging it across the page. For those whose handwriting will never be neat. For those who had to pass off the one left-handed baseball glove in gym class. For those who will die earlier and will never be able to use a fountain pen because it’ll smear too much. For those who had to twist their backs to get comfortable in college lecture halls desks. For those who can never read a measuring cup.» (Katie Notopoulos on BuzzFeed)

The Internet for Left-Handers© on the Artbase of Rhizome