Unlike Art

Curation, Event, Identity, 2012

Unlike Art, Silvio Lorusso, 2012

Bits of code, snippets, plugins and projects investigating social media by Networked Media students of Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam)

Unlike Art is an event held the 8th of March 2012 at TrouwAmsterdam, within Unlike Us, a series of talks and debates around social media monopolies and their alternatives.

On the occasion of lectures, workshops and prototyping sessions, Networked Media students often dealt with the field of social media. As a result, a series of works in progress, experiments and ideas that question social media from different points of view, such as, for instance: online identity, monetization of data, privacy, online-offline boundaries.

Unlike Art included projects by Dušan Barok (SK), André Castro (PT), Mirjam Dissel (NL), Eleanor Greenhalgh (UK), Fabien Labeyrie (FR), Jonas Lund (SE/NL), Sebastian Schmieg (GE), Bartholomäus Traubeck (GE), Danny Van Der Kleij (NL), Jasper Van Loenen (NL), Marie Wocher (GE), Dave Young (IE).

A report on the event by Serena Westra