Reblogs or Context is the New Content


Recently I started exploring Tumblr reblogs. I was interested in visually representing how images are affected by the different contexts through which they circulate. Mentioning the piece “Mood Disorder” by David Horvitz and the way it is converted from web to print, Paul Soulellis speaks of “some kind of minimal ‘charge’” surrounding the traveling artifact. I think something similar happens on Tumblr: because of the huge amount of reposting, I often get the impression that images wander in a quasi-autonomous way. The activity of single users becomes subservient to the artifact, which is easier to put in focus.

This is why I made some videos and animated gifs generated from screenshots of reblogs of a single Tumblr post. These are collected in a dedicated blog titled Reblogs or Context is the New Content. Here’s a selection of my favorites:

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